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6 Ways To Let Go Of Ego

6 Ways To Let Go Of Ego

1. Remove Ignorance
Understanding higher wisdom is the only way that can help you know ego and find effective ways to tackle it.

2. Live with self-awareness
We’re totally focused on our outer life, which inflates ego as it goes unnoticed. Care to pay attention to the self, (your inner life), this way you’ll identify ego and fix it.

3. Check your thoughts
Our thoughts…when unchecked can make the ego stronger. Paying attention to these thoughts and not being led compulsively by the mind disempowers ego.

4. Raise your self esteem
Boost your daily dose of positive information, conversations and affirmations. This will raise your self-esteem and tackle ego which is low self-esteem.

5. Alter conditioning
Be willing to let go of old thoughts and beliefs. Experiment with new and more empowering ideas and adopt them as a way of life.

6. Keep Good Company
Disassociate with people who praise you too much or criticise.