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About Astrologers

About Astrologers

An astrologer may have the greatest intelligence in the subject, may have spent years practicing it but if their consciousness is not well aligned, if their subconscious storage is heavy, if they are led by their ego, then it is dangerous to invest trust in them. 

Because like each of us, an astrologer too has a past, has karmic balances and is driven by a state of mind. So at times, what you and me may see as white, the astrologer given the state of their consciousness, could see as black. And in astrology we all know there are various combinations to look at a chart. The same house, the same conjunctions, aspects or planetary alignments can mean both good and bad. But the astrologer coming from a higher consciousness, would highlight the good more, make the bad seem easy to overcome and interpret the chart in a way that boosts one’s confidence and positivity. While an astrologer, coming from a clouded consciousness, would do the opposite. They would lay greater emphasis on the negative, create fear and give a reading that troubles your mind. 

That is why, any astrologer has to first work on themselves, has to work on their ego, their state of consciousness, their spiritual growth and orientation in order to help humanity in the way that they are really meant to. 

Astrology is the science of the Rishis. It was always meant to help us not to disempower or disillusion us in any way. And so, to understand its true meaning and purpose, to get it with accuracy and the right foresight, an astrologer needs to come from a higher consciousness.