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About Heartbreaks

About Heartbreaks

Heartbreaks are hard but they are so much more. 

  1. They end a karmic chapter by making you settle a heavy debt
  2. They free your soul 
  3. They remind you about the inner strength you’d forgotten
  4. They bring wisdom that you must trust  
  5. They offer a chance to come out higher in self-respect (by not clinging to a past that’s worth forgetting) 
  6. They provide an opportunity to grow as a person. 
  7. They come as a test to never give up on the power of love.

How to deal with a heartbreak?  
Don’t try to deal with it. Let it do its job. It may hurt while it lasts but seeing it the way it is and feeling the pain, accepting it just the way it is, eventually heals you. The more you try to go into the “why”, “how” or try to fight the sadness and pain, the bigger mess you will be. Also, the feeling of being heartbroken will last longer.