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Change, Learn, Grow –Soul Goals

Change, Learn, Grow –Soul Goals

There are so many people on this planet, doing so many different things. Each with a different set of goals, different type of dreams and different bunch of desires! Each trying to achieve, what he or she… truly wants. 

But have you ever wondered… how two people will always be different when it comes to what they deeply want? How, a plethora of dreams are being chased and yet, people are identified as different…simply, through their dreams or their achievements? 

The reason to our choices being different… depends again on our past. Our past lives, our past karmas and the tendencies we carry through lifetimes. Which ideally, defines the quality of our Soul! And of course, it’s this quality that eventually determines, our life’s structure as well as the turn of events! 

The fact is, it’s not what we choose in life, it’s always what… life chooses for us! For all that will be pursued by a soul and all that will be delivered, will only be… what is truly deserved or what’s probably… left unfinished in some lifetime. Nothing beyond! 

That’s the simple reason why, some people find it easy in this world and some have to slog it out hard! For basis our past and the present state of being, it’s the universe or the planets that give us a life. Wherein, how things shape and how much we accomplish… is driven by the law of cause and effect or what we all know as the law of Karma. Each lifetime is therefore, a mere verdict of the planets basis the merit of our soul. 

That’s why, I truly believe… success or failure, gain or loss, victory or defeat… all is a mere illusion! For what’s coming our way, is only what we deserve. What’s coming our way is a royal opportunity to discover us, to understand, learn and get better! 

Therefore, by not getting carried away through what comes our way, should we choose to introspect deeper and understand… who we are, how we behave, how must we be and how we accumulate the kind of Karma that we do… we’d actually be doing ourselves a huge favour! 

We shall be putting our time on this planet to good use. Simply because, we’re here to learn and grow internally, grow and evolve as a soul. And this by all means is an undeniable truth! For if you look at your world, your life closely, you’d find that you’ve always been a student, and will ever remain so, till the very end. 

Isn’t it true, it’s the planets that set the curriculum for each one of us; it’s this world that becomes … our school! And it’s life, that always teaches us! 

The relationships, experiences and situations, we go through… become our classrooms and what they leave us with, how they make us feel each time, is the lesson that we’re meant to learn. Meant to learn… to evolve, to mature and become wiser! 

So, each lifetime is a chance for us to get better with ourselves! 

While we often keep thinking it’s us versus others in life, actually, it’s just us! And the sooner we understand this, the faster we will learn what we must. The energy that’s mostly lost in tackling others, in dealing with life on the outside… will be then preserved to change the self and to even force the necessary change should the need arise. For change is inevitable! And every single lifetime that a soul goes through, is the source of this change. 

But since our minds so consumed with the material, we seldom reflect on the difference between our mortal journey and us! We seldom realize that everything that’s happening on this journey is changing us in some way or the other. And that’s the only reason, why, everything outside is actually happening! 

For it’s the truth of our spirituality that we’ve come here to master! And whether we remain aware or ignorant… each lifetime attempts to take us closer to our spiritual sense! Each lifetime, changes us in a way that we begin to realize that we’re definitely more than mere mortals! 

And it’s when we get a grip of this reality, we begin to seek something more; more than what meets the eye! We begin to look within, to find the answers! 

And once this curiosity to look deeper sets in, rest assured…our time to graduate from this school arrives. For as our bodies change with age, as it goes through a whole span from infancy to old age…so does our soul! However, for the soul to mature… it takes many lifetimes! And with each lifetime, a stage of growth is to be achieved! Growth… that helps a soul evolve to a higher level of consciousness…where the material… becomes inconsequential and the spiritual, the natural state of being… becomes effortless.