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Destiny May Be Fixed, The Future Isn’t

Destiny May Be Fixed, The Future Isn’t

For all those who remain ever keen to visit an astrologer, say even for the smallest of things… you must know that no matter what the astrologer tells you, no matter what remedy or mantra the astrologer gives to you… your destiny will play out. For destiny is fixed. And if your astrologer hasn’t told you that, you probably are being kept in the dark.

Yes, undoubtedly, destiny can be predicted through a horoscope and predicted accurately at times… but what the planets hold for you (cause and effect) – must play out, irrespective of what you anticipate or fear.

On the other hand, future can be tackled. It can be created the way you wish! It can be moulded and channelled in the direction you wish to take it. Because the future is unpredictable. It’s always generated from the present and therefore, you are shaping it, each moment of your life.

To understand this, let’s just first understand the difference between destiny and the future.

Astrologically, destiny is your horoscope, the planetary placements of your birth chart!

The future is also somewhat reflected in the horoscope but while destiny, is what that must unfold in a certain fixed way; the future can vary!

This because, destiny is your – Prarabdha Karmas – the effect of which you have come to receive in this lifetime. They are your ripe or fructuous actions from a your Karma tree (Sanchita Karmas) that have matured to bear fruits. Now, whether the fruit is bitter, sweet or sour…depends on the quality of your past, which you’ve brought into your present… as your destiny or Prarabdha!

So, depending on what you’ve done in the past, how you’ve been… is how destiny plays out. It hasn’t got much to do with the present; it’s always connected to a past!

That’s why, there are people in this world who seem good and kind but their suffering is enormous, on the contrary the most wicked people, can be having a good time.

Understandably, it’s the cause and effect of a certain past that has now become the ripe fruits (Prarabdha) … on the tree of collective Karma (Sanchita).

Positions of the planets in the horoscope, (also known as the blue print of your past life deeds or your karma-scope), reflect your destiny! In whatever way the planets are positioned, their strength or weakness… all depends on the quality of your – Prarabdha Karmas! But the key thing to understand here is that destiny is fixed because your Prarabhda is fixed!

Like you cannot go back into your past and change the quality of the actions (Karma) that were done in the past; similarly, you cannot time travel and revisit your previous lifetimes to undo the bad and strengthen the good! What’s done is over! It’s something that will bear its consequence and will reward or punish… depending on what you did.

But there is no getting away from receiving the results of past actions and no getting away from receiving the rewards or punishments connected to past actions! What you owe… you must pay back, what you deserve… must come!

The past therefore, becomes your present and since this past cannot be altered in any way, neither can the present! It’s important to note that by present… one means experiences and situations, which come as a consequence of past actions. And these experiences and situations are your destiny! Therefore, destiny is fixed; it’s unalterable, inevitable! And no number of remedies, rings, rituals or mantras…not even God can change the course of destiny, for the simple reason that destiny comes through what’s already been done! Therefore, how can anyone or anything change it?

Now, to the future!

As destiny belongs to past actions, future belongs to the present ones! Each moment while living your Prarabhdha or destiny… you create more Karmas. For we all know that Karma (Intent, thoughts, words and actions) is the natural way of life for any living being. We cannot survive without performing Karma.

Therefore, while facing our Prarabhda… we create another kind of karmas, known as the Kriyamana or Agami Karmas (current works)! So, the bank account of Karmas (Sanchita Karmas) or the Karma tree is ever laden. For the simple reason that something or the other, always keeps getting added.

But how we face this Prarabhda, what is our state of mind, our thoughts, feelings and actions while facing the consequence of past actions or facing the effects of our present destiny, is what that determines the future. That’s why; future or the next life is always taking shape through our present set of Karmas!

For as long as we don’t fully settle the stock of our entire Sanchita Karmas through various Prarabhdas; as long as our Kriyamana or Agami Karmas don’t stop creating cause and effect for the future, as long as the quality of our Kriyamana or Agami Karmas doesn’t become neutral (neither good or bad)… mukti or liberation cannot be delivered!

And because most of us live in ignorance, reincarnation remains inevitable!

But then, should you seek to open your mind or expand consciousness, understand this key difference between destiny and future!

Destiny is what you’re living! Future is what you’re constantly building! If you choose to settle your destiny or receive your destiny… no matter how good or bad with a mind that remains unaffected, then you may just be building a future for liberation!

However, if you choose to respond to your destiny in a certain way, again, can be good or bad, through happiness or sorrow… then you are creating karmas that will fructify in the future as your prarabhdha. The important thing however is… how you choose to respond. Because no matter how tough your destiny today, if you choose to operate out of wisdom, remain positive and calm; and send out just the right energy to your future, it will manifest. The future is therefore in your hands; it’s in the choices you make today, the thoughts, words and actions that you attach to your Karmic trail and the tendencies or sanskars, you choose to live by! So, at every step of your present life, you are living your destiny…but at the same time, how you’re living… is deciding the future. The future therefore, is always in the making! Destiny is fixed!

A good astrologer therefore, will never waste time trying to alter what the planets must deliver as your destiny! Rather, he or she will guide you… into making the right future by telling you, how to accept and live out your destiny! After all, it’s the only thing that matters!