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Ego & Planetary Trouble, In Astrology

Ego & Planetary Trouble, In Astrology

The wise believe – Ego spells trouble! 

Astrology, endorses this belief!

That’s because most of the planetary problems in one’s chart… stem from the ego, as it’s the ego that makes a soul accumulate negative Karma. And Karma is what that actually defines the strength and weaknesses of a certain horoscope. Planets are merely symbolic. 

That’s the reason why, when studying a chart, the first thing a good astrologer looks into… is the personality type so that he or she is able to go to the root of the planetary problem or problems that crop up due to negative Karmic balances. 

To understand this, let’s understand the link between Karma and destiny a little more.

As our great spiritual masters beautifully explain, even though the physical body is left behind with death, what goes with the soul are its sanskars, its tendencies… out of which a soul operates for the rest of its journey or the next life.

What also goes along is the set of a soul’s Sanchita Karmas (accumulated over lifetimes). And out of these, a soul is meant to settle some, in a new lifetime, which then become its destiny in that specific lifetime. These set of Karmas are also known as Prarabhdha Karmas (ripe or fructuous actions)

However, the most important aspect of a soul is still its sanskars or tendencies, as every single Karma… good or bad… is created by their influence. These tendencies also lead to further thoughts and actions, which again become the Kriyamana Karmas (present life deeds) of the soul.

Hence, the basis of Karma is the personality (sanskars or tendencies) of a soul, which eventually leads to a certain type of destiny. Therefore, to understand the personality or the quality of a soul is of utmost significance in astrology. It’s a different matter though, that today, the seeker as well as the astrologer, pay little attention to the needful. For the priority in both cases is – Maya (the worldly stuff)!

Therefore, astrologically, problems today are looked at a superficial level or merely the material level and what’s sought are quick fix remedies to Karmic backlog (Sanchita Karmas) of many lifetimes!

However, it still remains the utmost duty of any astrologer… to create that awareness in each seeker, which in turn will set him or her on the path of introspection and correction. Because a flawed personality (egocentric) will yet again lead the soul to negative Karma (Kriyamana), which will later, (say in the next life), become a troublesome Prarabhda!

But now, let’s understand… how Ego influences both Karma and destiny! For this, let me once again reflect on what Ego is. It’s a false identity of the mind as the body (material) and not the soul (spiritual). And since ego thrives on the senses, it remains deceptive. This very often, doesn’t just lead a person to a low sense of self-esteem but also, all the other negative sub-tendencies that emerge out of it. 

The Bhagwad Gita, spells this out beautifully, “When one’s mind dwells on the objects of senses, fondness for them grows, from fondness comes desire, from desire anger.” It further elaborates…“Anger leads to bewilderment, bewilderment to loss of memory of true Self, and by that – intelligence is destroyed, and with the destruction of intelligence man perishes.” The Gita also says, “Pleasure from the senses seems like nectar at first, but it is bitter as poison – in the end.”

That’s why; I describe Ego as – EASE GONE AWAY. Because a soul personality operating out of Ego will ever remain restless and heavy for the simple reason that… first, it’s working through a misplaced notion of the self and its needs; and second… the quality of Karma (intent/thoughts, words & actions) that such a soul will create will be largely negative.

Quite understandably then; ego becomes the main cause for planets to act tough on a soul… as astrologically, the maximum planetary troubles that occur for most people is when their personality operates out of Ego or Ego consciousness. 

The most active consciousness today, with serious ramifications!

Ego indeed is the greatest flaw as it’s the master creator of all other negative traits like anger, jealousy, pride, competition, criticism, comparison, hatred, ambition etc. A soul personality operating out of ego consciousness will definitely have a tough planetary alignment in a birth chart! And while… in most astrological consultations, the focus ever remains on what will happen or what the future holds; the main reason behind a certain type of destiny…is often overlooked.  

So now, if you understand Karma and destiny… you’d know that of their own, they are mere words. For their character is born out of a certain personality…a certain consciousness, which is the ultimate origin of both! 

Therefore, if you have been told by your astrologer; that you have a tough road ahead (difficult horoscope)… look again and check… your consciousness… your soul personality… the tendencies and sanskars that actually are the controllers of both your Karma and your destiny! 

Check and change, for that’s all it takes!