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Ego…will never let you Meditate

Ego…will never let you Meditate

Of the many queries I get, most revolve around the inability to meditate. And for me, to understand their dilemma initially seemed tough. For I always believed that connecting with the source, or even accessing inner stillness can easily come with practice and effort. I could never fathom that people with strong, intelligent minds, people quite successful in the world…would find it difficult to do meditation as a regular activity. And because for me, meditation remains a possible help in case of planetary ill effects, I have been a serious advocator of the practice. However, it took me some research to establish, why people found it hard to concentrate in an activity as energizing and healing as meditation. 

The answer was simple but the route to my discovery wasn’t. The first thing I had to do was study personality type. What exactly are these people like? Then I had to study their charts to connect their difficulty with their planetary placements. What exactly are the planets saying about them and how is it in sync with their personalities? Subsequently, I needed to link these charts and find a common thread. 

To my surprise, I realized that the clues were so easy to understand that I had missed out on certain key aspects earlier on. The most common reason that I discovered on my search was the problem of ego… prevalent in almost all these cases. I have mentioned a few times what ego really means! It’s a low sense of self-esteem, that pushes a person to prove time and time again, their value in the world or the fact that they are always right… and this is something that leads to excessive self-doubt, worry, anxiety, fear, pride and arrogance, sometimes, even anger. For Ego comes from a misplaced notion about the self (material not spiritual) and no… it’s never healthy!  

So, when ego takes over one’s tendencies, such people are well guarded and always on a self-preservation mode. Their minds cannot be at ease, as their self-worth is ever clouded with self-doubt even though they try to prove to the world; that they are always right. What manifests in their behaviour is pride and arrogance that in a subtle manner ever wants to prove… how worthy they are. Also, such a person will be too caught up in the material aspects of life and will not think the spiritual to be necessary. By material aspects I mean – relationships, wealth, success, self – image, worldly attractions, luxuries, beauty, society, work place etc. I have also found these people to have some kind of aversion to introspection and seldom do they want to acknowledge the fact that there could be anomalies in their personality. So, the question of seeking help and guidance doesn’t even arise!  

Now, you’d think, how does this connect with meditation?  

Well, meditation is a spiritual technique, that helps you reflect on the self, realize and correct all that makes you uncomfortable as a soul or dis-empowers you as a soul and builds difficult Karma on this journey (something that planets reflect). 

And how do you correct? By connecting with the source energy through surrender and through creating some space within. Space that is created through inner stillness and silence. Stillness, silence and surrender however, are the things the ego finds difficult to accept. It likes to be in control, it keeps the mind busy and it’s uncomfortable in silence.

So, before attempting meditation, you first need to let go of the ego, which is also ignorance and concentrate while dropping all labels, all the noise of the mind… in order to be able to see your own shortcomings. You need to be less human (body) and more the being (soul), especially, when you connect with the source, the most powerful of all energies (the supreme soul). 

It’s only then, you will be able to concentrate and stay in a meditative state for long. Otherwise, when you are too consumed with who you are and how you need to be or when your pride doesn’t permit you to submit or surrender in all humility, meditation will either seem too tedious or unnecessary and a person will not be able to make it; will not be able to enjoy it. Sometimes, when the ego is strong, people can also fall asleep in meditation because ego tends to make the mind quite heavy.  

People who have Ego (high materiality and low self-esteem) tend to operate out of a certain conditioning. A conditioning, they try to safeguard time and time again. But the process of meditation firstly, can only to enjoyed by those who are willing to sit with a blank mind or those who are willing to drop all conditioning. And this is so important because in meditation you meet your true self, you meet your source and the union… harmonizes and takes you to your higher state of consciousness. However, when your material mind is on an overdrive you will not be able to access silence and this way, you will not be able to enjoy the union with the Source. 

Remember, ego is purely material, and meditation – spiritual… and to embrace the joys of the spiritual, one needs to first shift… consciousness. But if you are too consumed by the material – work, relationships, wealth, labels, status, pleasure and pain, success and failure; you will find sitting in meditation either futile or highly difficult. For meditation is the process where you transcend the ordinary consciousness and gradually become a more elevated consciousness that has the power to dissolve all flaws and troubles. But when your mind’s material conditioning is over active, you’re not able to strike that all empowering connection with the Source because the source is absolutely the opposite of the material. 

Therefore, understand… if you want success at this powerful technique, the first essential is… HUMILITY! Let humility replace that ego. 

Remember, it’s okay to be just ‘no one’ sometimes. It’s okay to not prove anything to anyone – sometimes, not even the self. And it’s okay to feel flawed because that will prompt you to seek that all-important help and simply surrender to the source. So, being humble and wanting to be cured, empowered and energized… is the most important rule to finding success in Meditation. For humility is the opposite of ego and humility is what that makes you seek and earn through divine intervention. For those, not so humble, seeking from the non-material… is often difficult. Spirituality seems absurd to them and materiality… all encompassing! Meditation remains unsuccessful therefore! 

Here are some astrological planetary alignments that indicate EGO – 

  1. A debilitated Sun in your chart. (Low self-esteem) 
  2. A debilitated Saturn in your chart. (Too much love of the self and less for the world, inability to share/give.) 
  3. A debilitated Moon. (A mind too caught up in material consciousness and therefore, extremely noisy or even turbulent at times.) 
  4. Sun in close conjunction with Rahu (an overblown ego)
  5. Moon in close conjunction with Rahu (amplified fear and emotions) 
  6. Debilitated Mars (lacking in confidence) 
  7. Mars in close conjunction with Rahu (overblown confidence) 
  8. Saturn in conjunction with Moon (Subtle fear) 
  9. Moon sitting in close conjunction with Venus (mind driven to excessive materiality) 
  10.  Moon receiving an aspect from Rahu (self-doubts and worry) 
  11.  1st house has Rahu (Illusions dominate personality) 
  12. 1st house has Venus in good dignity (material influence on personality)  
  13.  Venus in close conjunction with Sun (self-esteem is materially driven) 
  14.  Saturn in 1st house, debilitated (personality driven by materiality/self-love)
  15. Jupiter in close conjunction with Rahu (Wisdom in often misled)
  16. Moon in Rahu’s Nakshatra (Fear and inner turmoil) 
  17. Sun in Rahu’s Nakshtra (Intense Ego) 
  18. Rahu in the sign of Leo (Overblown Ego) 
  19. Leo Ascendant or Leo Moon (Self Obsessed) 
  20. Scorpio Ascendant (Carries Karma of self-transformation)