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Everything Happens For A Reason Bigger Than We Know

Everything Happens For A Reason Bigger Than We Know

As souls, we are all work in progress. The universe is working tirelessly to help us understand our state of being. And so, all that transpires in our interactions with the world, is actually just a means to the end. We may attach significant importance to it but it’s only a means to bring about our inner awakening, evolution and growth. A means to help us understand our own self better and to create those tendencies that empower us as a soul. 

Therefore, whatever happens to us on this material plane is just a trigger to our own shift. When we are successful, we are being given an opportunity to be kind, generous and more compassionate. Qualities we may need to better in ourselves. Similarly, when we fail at something or when we don’t get what we are seeking, we aren’t in any way – losers or failures. It’s just another opportunity to regain our humble self and a sense of inner grounding.