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Good Karma Technique – Live It & Leave It

Good Karma Technique – Live It & Leave It

How do you not build further Karma when facing the odds of life? 

Or speaking astrologically, how do you not further invoke difficulty through planets, while facing the challenges posed by them? For as long as one is on this mortal journey, there will be challenges, ups and downs and life will continue to deliver what one must settle! 

That’s the reason; no one really had a perfect life! 

Even astrologically, no one ever had a perfect horoscope! In a given birth chart, if sun is strong, Saturn would be weak, if mars is strong, mercury may pose challenges or if all the other planets look good, the nodes will deliver some Karmic punishments. In astrology there are innumerable of yogas, some auspicious and some not so! A horoscope may have twenty good yogas but there will also be some unfavourable yogas that will balance out the positive with the negative! Therefore, no one ever was born with a perfect chart! 

It’s also true that till we don’t make the effort to understand the law of Karma, the implications of cause and effect…we shall ever remain caught in the cycle of good and bad. There will never be a win-win! 

Having said that, it’s extremely important not to further build bad Karma, especially while facing the return of Karmic debts from previous lifetimes. For if we add a negative response to a negative situation not only will the outcome remain negative, it will also make our future (next life) more difficult. 

Here, you also need to understand, why something tough or unpleasant happens? Firstly, it’s a reaction to your action of the past!  As the life you live, is the sum total of reactions or consequences to actions performed in some previous lifetime! That’s why, some people are born lucky and some, not. Even planets in a birth chart, only deliver the reaction to your actions; while their response is always your creation. 

So, if you choose to act or think or be in a way that’s not positive for you and for others, be sure, in some lifetime, you will get equal or more negativity… as your return! Likewise, if you choose to remain positive, the universe will send back a similar response to you! It’s simple; there are some very basic formulas to karma. Good equals to good and bad equals to bad, neutral equals to neutral! The planets in your birth chart get their placement basis this. 

Now, what we are attempting to understand here is, how one should ideally deal with difficult planetary alignments in a horoscope. How to deal with the heavy energy of your planets or life’s difficult situations? Unfortunately, there are many people, who actually tend to increase their Karmic stock of pain and punishments, when they react in a negative way, while facing destiny! 

That’s why, it’s vital to understand… what should a person not do in order to not build… further Karma! Here are some key points! 

1. Never seek or do remedies! 

When you try to solve your planetary problems through remedies, you basically are sending a message out to the planets that you aren’t willing to cooperate with them; that you aren’t willing to face the consequences of your past actions and therefore, are unwilling to settle Karma. There are two things that happen here; first, the remedy will never work! At least, it will never make you – Karma free! What it may actually do is, increase the intensity of the consequences… that you will still need to face in the future. For Karma once created, cannot be destroyed! You will have to settle the account, to which you owe. But should you seek remedies, you will send the energy of fear and unwillingness to the universe and that way, your misery may just intensify. For when you deny facing the consequences of your own actions, or when you resist the duty, your planets want you to perform, you keep accumulating the pay back and if not now, when it does come to you, it will come with greater magnitude! So, remember, with time, what you pay back will increase! Therefore, understand, there is no getting away from the results of past actions. What best you can do is… remain strong while facing the odds and be willing to face them, as they come. Be present. Do not resist. 

2. Never complain or curse or criticize!

Again, there is no point in doing so! For you will have to face what you must and should you do it with willingness and not complain about your fate, curse or criticize life, people or situations…the way you’ll deal with your Karma, may actually strengthen you from within! It will also send out a positive energy to the universe and what shall return… will then be only positive! But when you indulge in any negative thought process or action, not only will your misery double, you will actually feel more pained and uneasy.  Complaining, cursing or criticizing… are negative actions that would further add to your account of negative Karma, and you will ever remain trapped in a cycle of negativity.    

3. Never feel a victim! 

Everything that we go through in life, it’s for a reason. And the reason is… we need to eventually become – Karma free! But this happens when we fully understand the Karmic chain and take responsibility for our actions. For people who suffer the reaction to their own actions, ever remain trapped. Plus, their soul tendencies… born out of their emotions and feelings… seldom attain that ultimate maturity and wisdom. That’s why, the next time you feel a victim, especially, when you feel the planets and destiny are trying to punish you for no reason…just understand… you are a victim out of choice.  

4. Never recall! 

How we love to recall the past. Especially, when we have suffered and come out of it! It gives us some kind of a strange comfort… to tell our stories of suffering and to prove to the world… how heroic we are! However, when you recall, the negative Karmic situations that you may have faced, what you are inviting into your present, as well the future is only the negative! You also need to understand that by telling others about your suffering, not only do you come across as weak, you’re also feeding your ego, or in other words your low sense of self-esteem that ever seeks affirmations to feel strong.  

5. Simply live and leave! 

This is the best way to face and settle your Karma and to never leave anything for the future. For when you live your Karma with grace, when you show courage and fortitude and remain unmoved, uncomplaining in the face of pain, and most importantly, when you never talk or think of this pain ever; you don’t just strengthen your tendencies (soul power), you also build good Karma. Remember, through odds, the planets or the universe test you and when you pass, they bless you! To live and leave means, you carry no energy of negative situations of life to the future and that way, you also become – Karma free!   

6. Feel grateful it’s over! 

Gratitude is something we find absurd when talking of painful situations or the painful karma we face. But remember, the more grateful you are to your planets and to the universe for helping you resolve bitter Karma, the more positivity you’ll build within and will invest the same towards your future. Come to think of it, when you’ve settled bad or heavy Karmic balances, isn’t your heart going to feel lighter and your life… better? Therefore, realize, you’ve come here into this world, to go through a Karmic cycle and when the bad is behind you, you’ll actually be relieved of a huge debt. Isn’t that something to be grateful for? 

7. Count your blessings! 

Rather than focusing on the difficulty of the Karma you face, look at the positives that come to your rescue. There will always be some! Perhaps an astrologer who warned you about what’s to come and prepared you better, to face the consequences of your past actions. Or the people in your life who stood by you like a rock no matter how rough the ride has been. Or your own self, that never succumbed to suffering and paid back the dues on time! Count your blessings! Many a times… they’ll outnumber your troubles. 

 8. Learn lessons

It’s not that Karma is delivered just to make you suffer. You go through a Karmic cycle to learn some precious lessons, to mature out of them and to change for the better! And when you resist the learning, you lose a precious opportunity. What may happen then is that your Karma may revisit you, perhaps some time again in the future. Again, with the same purpose… to make you wiser! 

9. Think Good! 

Don’t think you are unlucky or that someone else… may be your loved ones or your work or health or even the planets are the cause of your pain. Your Karma may be delivered through them… but always remember, they did not create it. That’s why, when you indulge in blame game; you create more of negative Karma and complicate your equations. Plus, this also turns you bitter!  That’s why; thinking good is the key to getting good… especially, when settling negative Karmas!  

 10. Be Good!

Most importantly, difficult Karma comes… just to take you to that next level. For as a soul, you must progress, you must evolve and not remain trapped in similar lifetimes, patterns of the ego and suffering… over and over again!  Therefore, learn to be good, because that’s all that’s going to take you to some place good!