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How Ego – Dissolves?

How Ego – Dissolves?

Let’s just straight come to the point! For enough has been written by me on ego and how it influences one’s tendencies and in turn, Karma and destiny. 

Still, a brief reminder from my previous notes – Ego is the lack of self-esteem that’s born when the mind operates out of a materially driven consciousness, a consciousness, ever unfriendly to the soul. And when Ego takes over the mind, it influences its personality (tendencies or sanskars) which then drive a soul, to a certain set of Karmas and destiny.  In astrology, a horoscope, (which also is the karma-scope of a soul), most often reflects the odds for a destiny influenced by the ego. 

Therefore, now let’s try to find ways to dissolve – ego! 

There are two ways to dissolve one’s ego, which as we’ve discussed in my earlier notes, creates most of the problems in one’s life. 

Facts of which can be found in astrology! 

To dissolve the ego would take a long time because ego accumulates over many lives. But one way is… where one gradually shifts consciousness from material to spiritual and then balances the two worlds… at the thought and behavioural level. Yes, this is a somewhat slow process but if a soul has enough resolve, if it is determined enough to practice and perfect living through a new consciousness where the spirit rules over ego, then this way is a sure shot way to success.   

What triggers the change here is higher wisdom! 

For it is wisdom that essentially weakens the ego by replacing ignorance with light and by awakening the divine intelligence of the soul. Knowledge compels the mind to think and reassess its tendencies or sanskars and weigh them on the scale of true wisdom. 

Thus, on the course to correction, knowledge is what that awakens, stirs, enlightens and subsequently realigns the mind to its natural way, the spiritual way of thinking and being. Knowledge and meditation… these are the two keys, to the doors of the subconscious. And when the subconscious gets active, ego stands no chance of survival, for the spiritual consciousness then takes centre stage forcing the material consciousness to take a backseat or to balance things out. 

Although here, we once again need to remember that consciousness is the king. For as the consciousness so will be the tendencies or the sanskars of a soul, and the Karma and destiny.  

A spiritual consciousness would leave no room for the ego and that’s why, through the application and understanding of higher wisdom a shift in consciousness is a highly favoured route to dissolve that ego. But this engagement with wisdom needs to be disciplined and on a constant basis.   

However, this isn’t always easy. For I have seen in the case of some so-called spiritual people, even after years of dedicated spiritual learning and service, they continue nurturing or operating out of Egos. It may be subtle, but at times it’s not as easy to hide.  And one figures the shortfalls, despite all that meditation; and learning and giving wisdom to people – almost daily through discourses. Temptations of Ego (praise, power, name, recognition, desire, adulation and at times even anger) continue to entice these souls, their physical sacrifice – notwithstanding. No doubt, their practical efforts to self-realization and redemption remain praiseworthy, however, the physical renunciation does take some time to actually convert into a mental one; (at least, in some cases).

So, what is the other way?

Experience of life. 

By experience (facing the results of Karma), one can dissolve the ego. 

The Bhagwad Gita best explains this in Krishna’s words to Arjuna – 

“That one is dear to me who runs not after the pleasant or away from the painful, grieves not, lusts not, but let’s things come and go… as they happen.”

Not complaining or reacting and letting life do the job; letting our Karmas unfold as it must, and facing them uncomplainingly, is the other way out. 

Here, experience is the teacher and it is what that gives the wisdom! And yet, while facing the consequences of past actions (Karma), of our ignorant sanskars or tendencies…we remain detached and stable. That’s another way to dissolving the Ego. For when we suffer or experience something harsh and not react or cause more misery to the self, we stop responding to the ego; which we all know is deeply nourished by our mental noise and turmoil.    

This way, a soul not just heals itself but also becomes lighter. For here, suffering or pain… only matures the mind and the soul learns to make peace. And once a soul is able to stay in peace, especially in the face of adversity…it’s bound to operate out of peace as a habit. Therefore, a natural shift in conscious occurs for peace isn’t the nature of the ego.   

Now of course, this may not be the smarter way to change or to dissolving ego, but it eventually works wonders and deeply influences the change. Here, what’s essential to understand is, that not knowledge but experience… presses for the change. Experience is what that teaches the dos and don’ts here and that’s why, the change that happens is undoubtedly, most effective!    

Hence, whoever said – experience is a better teacher than knowledge, may just be right! Especially, when it pertains to dissolving the ego! 

Through higher wisdom, you can tackle the ego and use free will. But when it comes to experience teaching you life lessons, you just need to go with the flow of life.