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Karma Secrets For 12 Ascendants

Karma Secrets For 12 Ascendants

Your ascendant is the link to a significant payback karma that you have come here to settle. When you look at your birth chart, see what number is there in your 1st house. Say, if you have number 2 written there, then you are Taurus ascendant and you need to shift attention to the 2nd house. Or if you have 9 written there then you are Sagittarius ascendant and you need to pay attention to the 9th house. Depending on what number rules your 1st house, your ascendant, that number house is where your key Karma will unfold. 

But remember, this house could tell much more… because you may also have a planet sitting in that house. Then everything connected to that planet/s will also be involved in your Karmic story. For example, say you are Libra ascendant and you have Saturn in the 7th house. Now, this means you not just bring Karma in marriage or business or with the masses (7th house – matters), you may also have to deal with the Saturn’s energy while paying back. Meaning, you may need to settle your Karma while showing greater duty, discipline, responsibility and hard-work towards these aspects; plus you may also have to put up with some delays and frustrations regarding these matters of the 7th house. 

Another example is, say you are Cancer ascendant… with Jupiter in your 4th house. Now, 4th house being your home, homeland, your peace of mind and your mother, your comforts, assets… your Karma would be towards these matters.  But with Jupiter here, it would mean also dealing with wisdom (perhaps wisdom of the mother) or dealing with religion and rituals or some kind of dharmic activity that Jupiter stands for. Since the 4th house is the house of your inner peace and happiness, with Jupiter in the 4th, it could mean, peace of mind may come through involving in matters related to wisdom or religion and rituals. 

Now, here you also need to check the aspects and conjunctions in that house. The sum total of all these calculations will provide you the best clues to a key component of your Karmic settlement for this life.   

Here are some basic insights into what these numbers or signs tell with regard to areas of Karmic settlement.

Aries – 1st house – Your Karma Keys connect to the self, perhaps your health (physical activity) or more importantly, your mind and personality, confidence etc will need to mature in this lifetime. 

Taurus – 2nd house – Your Karma Keys connect to matters related to your family and loved ones, wealth and inheritance, career as well as your savings, diet, speech and value system. 

Gemini – 3rd house – Your Karma Keys connect to matters pertaining to younger siblings, friends, short distance travel, communication and action, being self-driven, independent, hardworking, taking initiatives, developing skills. 

Cancer – 4th house – Your Karma Keys relate to the mother or the people of your homeland or matters related to the home, assets, comforts, nourishment, to your peace of mind and happiness. 

Leo – 5th house – Your Karma Keys connect with matters regarding children or matters related to love and romance, fun and enjoyment, creativity, politics as well as speculative money zones. 

Virgo – 6th house –– Your Karma Keys connect to your everyday work life or matters related to (any) – health, enemies, debts, conflicts or litigation, small animals, healing, helping and serving (humanitarian work). 

Libra – 7th house – Your Karma Keys relate to your spouse or matters regarding marriage, your business partner or matters regarding business, your relationships, serving or gaining through the masses. 

Scorpio – 8th house – Your Karma Keys connect to transformation. It could come in any way, and may change you as a person. Your Karma Keys may connect to matters regarding in-laws or matters connected to wills, insurance, lottery, secrets, occult, research or the medical fields, taxation, undercover activities and underground wealth generators or treasures. 

Sagittarius – 9th house – Your Karma Keys connect to following a dharmic path, or learning / teaching some kind of higher studies of any kind, long distance travel, or say… study of religion, culture, rituals, spirituality or philosophy, to gurus, teachers, elderly (perhaps your father) or the spiritual masters. 

Capricorn – 10th house – Your Karma Keys connect to your status, the place of work, to matters related to your profession or your reputation, to hard work, to relationship with your father, higher authorities and the government. 

Aquarius – 11th house – Your Karma Keys connect to your income and gains or matters regarding fulfilment, network circles, social life, elder sibling, networking, trade or some kind of pioneering work. 

Pisces – 12th house – Your Karma Keys connect to foreign lands and some kind of isolation, to learning and practicing meditation and evolving to a higher consciousness through embracing spirituality. Matters connected to donations, ashrams, hospitals or jails, expenses and imagination.