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More Karma, Less Dharma

More Karma, Less Dharma

When one looks at a birth chart with planets sitting in the axis of the Karmic Nodes – Rahu and Ketu, or planets, sitting with Saturn… the first point that gets registered in any astrologer’s head should ideally be – Karma. 

Meaning, the more planets you have in your birth chart, in the axis of Rahu and Ketu, or the more planets you have, sitting in conjunction with Saturn, the more Karma you need to settle in this present life. 

Ketu reflects ones past life deeds and tendencies, whereas Rahu, is what will be the mission of the soul in the present life, its agenda and what all it needs to adopt. Then there is Saturn, the greatest bookkeeper of our Karmic balances and together these three planets give the clues to a soul’s Karmic balance sheet. 

In fact, I have also seen that the quality of Saturn in one’s chart greatly determines the good and bad tendencies in a soul. Better the Saturn, better will be the soul qualities and such a person will more likely be driven by dharma – the righteous, lawful path. 

There are some charts… where all planets come in the axis of the Karmic nodes and the popular word coined for the same being “Kaal Sarp Dosha” (a new age definition coined by a few commercial minds in the business, in order to create fear and sensation).  While such a dosha may just be a mere jugglery of words to initiate more rituals and commerce… what planets in the axis of Rahu and Ketu in a birth chart actually indicate… is heavy Karmic balances. 

It shows a soul, who has come with balances, which will need to be settled in its present lifetime. So, the key to planets either conjunct Rahu and Ketu or sitting in the axis of the same, simply indicates heavy Karmic Payback, due in the present life. And no matter how tough it may seem, such a life or such a chart is actually a blessing for the growth of the soul as it permits the soul to work towards its liberation and freedom from worldly or more essentially, Karmic bondage. 

Another important thing to understand here is that the more Karmic Payback a chart reflects or the more planets you have in the axis of or conjunct Rahu and Ketu, the soul will again be less driven by dharma (righteous path or the path of higher wisdom/values). This will be a tendency that a soul will bring through previous lifetimes and in the present life, it will need to be transformed. 

Such a soul will need to inculcate a value system based on higher wisdom, higher morals and certain spiritual tendencies. Dharma here doesn’t mean anything connected to religion or faith. Dharma means a soul’s virtues, level of wisdom and the ethics and principles that determine its power. Higher the dharma in a soul more will be its power. And more the power of a soul, less will be its Karmic accounts. 

Another significant thing to bear in mind here is, when life is driven by dharma, Karmic backlogs are also easily settled. As when a soul acts through positive and righteous tendencies, the results are invariably… right and positive. Whereas, the opposite of this would mean, negative thoughts, words and actions, leading to an accumulation of negative Karma. 

And the latter is what planets sitting in the axis of Rahu and Ketu or sitting with Saturn in a chart, indicate. They indicate more Karma and less Dharma recorded through a soul’s journey through lifetimes. 

People with such placements, therefore need to pay attention to spiritual wisdom that would enable them understand their course correction better and will also help them adopt a path of higher values (dharma) in life. Karma then, will naturally be resolved!