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Not life but the Karma clock is ticking away

Not life but the Karma clock is ticking away

Karma is the reason we are all here.

The Karma of previous lifetimes is the reason we get a certain life… a certain chunk of our Karmic debts and balances. What we owe, we come to return or pay back. What someone owes to us, we come to take back. And so, the cycle goes on! And in the process of this give and take, we make more Karma… some that leaves us in debts and some that makes us free. 

Hence, life’s always a mixed bag! 

And it’s the Karma we accumulate through lifetimes, the tendencies that we gather, that gets us a certain set of relationships, people, work, success, failure, situations, scenarios, talents, gifts, rewards and punishments… in the particular lifetime we’re in. That’s why, what looks like life to us, our entire universe… is actually, a sum of actions and reactions revisiting us from our energetic past or the past energy exchanges. 

You may think your life, your world is outside but it’s actually always the hidden stuff that emerges through past events and exchanges. Stuff that’s hidden in your soul memory as your Karma. 

However, as we live, we’re always counting life through the years! As we grow older, we think, life’s ticking away and we have that many years in our hands. 

But the bigger truth is that while you may worry and fret about age and evaluate life through the number of years lived, while you may say that the clock of your life is ever ticking away and feel anxious about your pursuits and accomplishments in the light of this belief … you really can never predict when the clock will stop and time will be up. You can never say when! But yes, as your body gets older, you assume a certain number of years remaining, for you mostly believe that it’s the biological clock that’s ticking and you need to keep pace with your physical state. 

Never do you stop and think, there are people in this world, who’re dying young and that death has nothing to do with age or with life clock ticking away. It’s something that catches anyone… anytime, young or old… doesn’t matter! 

But upon deeper reflection you realize that it’s not the time clock that ticks away or the life clock that ticks away… it’s actually the Karma clock that ticks away for all of us. 

Once we’ve paid and settled what we’ve come for, once our highest of Karma is achieved, once the destiny that’s nothing but a sum total of our Karmic dues, has been lived – then nothing or no one can stop a soul from exiting the body. 

That’s why, there’s something called a destiny point in astrology, indicated in a person’s birth chart. And once this has been achieved, a lifespan would be realized. 

And just like this, over lifetimes, the next sets of Karmas await to be addressed. So, a person exits one role, one body and takes another. But not before, the Karma for this life is fully settled. This is a must and this is a pact that every soul has with its role in a new lifetime that it promises to live out in a certain span. 

That’s why; we must understand that it’s really not the life clock but the Karma clock that’s ticking away. And once the job that we’ve assigned to ourselves (in terms of Karmic settlement and payback) is accomplished, there’s nothing that holds us back. 

This explains the reason why; death strikes us at any age. Because once the soul has lived out its main Karmic purpose, it cannot wait for anything more. Say for instance, I need to settle an account of pain with someone, or I pledged to build a school for the underprivileged, or I may have, as a soul, pledged to transform myself and become more powerful, or become famous… and once I have done what was my undertaking pre-birth, I will move on. Then nothing, absolutely nothing can hold me back! 

And this purpose of the soul can be achieved at any age and any stage. It’s not necessary that it will come only with age! For the body is just the outer layer, it’s the soul within, that’s carrying its fate, its goals and its time frame to fulfil what’s mandated. 

This is the simple reason why, there’s always so much uncertainty regarding death. No one can predict death, not even an astrologer! Because life depends on the way you choose to live it and death depends on the way you settle Karma. How quick or slow, will decide the number of years, you carry on. Though by any chance if a soul is unable to honour its karmic mandate in a fixed time, it shall have to take them into another life. And the next time, it’s only going to get harder because the soul would have developed extra resistance to these debts. It also gets harder because the next time, these very debts will come with additional baggage or interest. 

That’s why, an astrologer always needs to see destiny in the light of duties and obligations that one may need to fulfil or it may just be a long and single experience that one may need to live and it is their Karma and free will to settle the same.