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Planets in 6-8-12 houses, An Opportunity Not An Omen

Planets in 6-8-12 houses, An Opportunity Not An Omen

Astrologically, whenever there’s a sense of fear created due to planets in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses of a birth chart, one needs to look at things spiritually. And most definitely, the perspective changes. However, the lens needs to wear the filter of spirituality and suddenly, the most enriching possibility… opens up. 

As a soul progresses through its journey from one lifetime to another, there is going to be Karma created. Some good and some not so good! Depending upon which is more, we get planets positioned in the horoscope in a certain way. 

Planets in 6-8-12 houses of the horoscope, also known as the dushtana houses, indicate payback time for a soul, who may need to alter its Karma from negative to positive. There is nothing unforeseen about such placements, no matter how much fear be created regarding them. For even though they may be known as dushtana (evil) houses, they have the potential to get the good out of a soul. 

I say so because, only when planets get placed here, there comes an opportunity to the soul in that particular lifetime, to redeem its Karma of previous lives. Quite likely, the soul may need to undergo some turbulence while settling the accounts of Karma but the same will also bring the much-needed Karmic relief (settlement of accounts i.e.) along with a definite change of soul quality. Therefore, the end result with planets in these houses is most likely going to be transformation for the better! 

For instance, Jupiter in the 8th house would ideally mean transformation brought about by respecting gurus, teachers, elders etc. It would mean taking up higher knowledge or wisdom of the world to make it a way of life and to operate out of it through one’s tendencies. 6-8-12 houses always reflect our unfinished business and what we need to do in order to fill in the gaps. 

Jupiter in the 8th would mean some unfinished business with teachers and gurus, philosophers, guides, fatherly figures, even spouse (in case of females) etc. And since there is unfinished business, it would bring the soul some trouble or some adjustment issues with such people in life; however, 8th house being the house of transformation; one will need to alter one’s perspectives and adopt a tendency to give respect to what Jupiter stands for. And this, under all circumstances! 

Once such a tendency gets firmed up within the soul’s mechanism, the response from the other side will begin to get better and eventually very beautiful. And once something as transformative as this happens, Jupiter would have done its job and so would its 8th house placement. 

Now say, if one has Venus in the 6th  house; there is every chance a soul may face obstacles, hurdles and conflicts in relationships since Venus is the planet of love and relationships and 6th house is the house of our enemies, obstacles and conflicts. However, applying spiritual wisdom… a soul here would understand that there is a Karmic balance in its relationships, gathered over lifetimes. A balance that it must resolve in the present life by giving unconditional love and acceptance in relationships or even by adding a platonic element in matters of the heart. For Venus in the 6th house, brings an opportunity to do just that! 

So, what actually happens is, when a planet is placed in the 6-8-12 houses in a chart, it would mostly reflect the qualities that a soul needs to fill up within, in order to enjoy the blessings of such planets! Qualities…which those planets stand for! 

The key thing to remember here is that planets in 6-8-12 will only act adversely or will continue to act adversely only till the time one rejects what they are trying to teach us. But the moment one accepts with wisdom, the merit of having planets here and the lessons pending with such placements, one can hugely benefit as a soul. 

In truth, planets in 6-8-12 houses of the horoscope are not the troublemakers but the true builders of soul power, which automatically gets boosted once a soul alters its weak tendencies and graciously uses free will to settle what planets in these houses indicate! That way, planets in 6-8-12 reflect an opportunity for a soul to grow and alter its Karmic pattern for the better. Such an opportunity could also mean complete self-transformation and liberation (Moksha) in the due course; which of course, is the ultimate goal for every soul!