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Spiritually defining Arjuna from the Gita chapter of the Mahabharata

Spiritually defining Arjuna from the Gita chapter of the Mahabharata

If there was no Arjuna the seeker, the wisdom of Krishna wouldn’t be told to the world. It’s the seeker who gave birth to the thinker, the doer, the warrior Arjuna. 

And the seeking of Arjuna is the yearning of his soul, rest all is connected to his human form… the thinker, the doer and the one at war.

Also, Arjuna in the spiritual sense is you and me, the seeker of truth, the seeker of higher wisdom. Krishna is the wisdom (it comes from one source – the supreme) and the world we’re living in today is the battleground where we often feel lost and wish to surrender till wisdom comes our way. It inspires us to look and think deeper, to brave it out as a warrior and remain the doer of righteous action. Arjuna’s is not a story; it is our reality.

The great Rishis saw this coming and depicted a time that we are all living today. A time where good is the minority and the evil… rampant. A time when the good feels stifled and lost but then there is also wisdom. Plenty of it. Though very few, only the five percent minority is ready to take refuge in it and work their way through it. And eventually, it is this five percent that will triumph.