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The Universe Keeps Testing You, Till You Learn

The Universe Keeps Testing You, Till You Learn

Same situations… a sense of déjà vu… on any given time… have you found, life is repeating itself? That you’ve been here; and have experienced exactly the same thing but wonder; why again? 

Well, even your planets keep repeating themselves when it comes to delivering a certain kind of experience. Say for instance, a troubled Sun in your birth chart will keep putting you into situations where your self-respect will be questioned time and again. A tough Saturn in a horoscope will make you do double the hard work in situations, where others may seem to get away with very little. A troubled Moon will make you experience the same turbulent emotions, repeatedly, through matters of the heart or just a worrying mind. And an ill placed Jupiter, will make you question your wisdom, when you live repeated experiences that make you seem lacking in wisdom! 

And then there will always come a – “Why Me?” “Not again!” 

Yes, we all go through this tiring struggle of learning and unlearning and then learning again…through experiences, situations, relationships and success or failures of life! There is no stopping and the patterns would keep repeating themselves till we have fully learnt and become the lesson. Simply because, every recurring situation or experience… is merely a catalyst to give us a deeper understanding of life.

Our birth on the planet is also for the same reason and while we may think we are here to enjoy, acquire, build, share, love, celebrate, earn and gather… these actually remain a simple means to the end. Which always is – learning! 

Even astrologically, when one looks at a horoscope and finds a planet placed in a certain way, especially, if it’s weak… it wants to teach you something. Something for your inner growth, something to help you evolve, something that frees you of Karmic bondage. 

And then you also need to understand why the planet is placed the way it is. For when a planet is weak in a horoscope, it shows certain tendencies related to the planet, lacking in a person. It shows what the person needs to inculcate and develop as his or her qualities (tendencies). 

Therefore, a planet will continue to deliver certain experiences, which at times may be harsh but the fact is, they only come to change you as a person. Should you understand the thought process of the planet, what it’s trying to convey through a situation or experience and reflect deeper, you’ll be able to figure. However, when you think that you’re a victim of bad luck or discard this merely as something that was meant to come and learn nothing out of it… there’s every chance, something similar…would get repeated. 

It would get repeated till the time, you don’t learn! 

Say, even if you think, that it’s just the return of some Karma that you owe to pay back… that’s not enough. Understanding the Karmic reason behind why things happen is good but mere understanding isn’t enough. You need to learn from the experience and develop qualities or character that a particular event or Karmic pay back… is suggesting to you! 

Say, you have a habit of discarding valuable suggestions as you think you’re always right. Now… something will keep happening, that’ll keep proving you wrong and each time this takes place, you’ll be reminded that what so and so suggested, was right. So, the universe here is not trying to tell you that you are wrong and others are right, it’s simply trying to make you understand that you need to value others. You need to learn to accept other people’s advice and apply a few times in your life. You need to work on your ego and develop humility that allows you to look beyond yourself and also see yourself as human. And as humans we can go wrong. But till you develop this quality of staying humble in a practical way…the pattern of experiences to teach you the lesson, will remain.  

Another example, you may be lazy and wanting to do just the bare minimum but the universe would have some other plans. So, it will make you go through situations, where you’ll get loaded with work; or some kind of emergencies may constantly come up, that’ll force you to work double of what you would have actually liked. Therefore again, what’s happening is not to torture you, but to awaken you and to make you understand that in the process of life, you need to grow as a being. You need to fill up the deficiencies of your personality and you need to gain more power as a soul. For only then, will your life be truly worth it. 

Yet another example is of relationships. There are times when one fails on all sides in relationships and frustrating patterns keep repeating. Someone abuses, someone cheats, and someone just expects and never gives. You feel drained and disenchanted and think, the universe is trying to push you to loneliness and isolation; is wanting you to disconnect with people you love. 

Well, truth be told… most of us think the same when we encounter relationship breakdown. But then, if we weren’t meant to enjoy relationships why would we be born? The point the universe tries to make through relationship trouble is that we need to mature our emotions. We need to understand that even when we give our best in a relationship, and still receive disappointment from the other side, it’s got nothing to do with them. It happens because the universe is trying to strengthen us emotionally. It’s trying to make us emotionally balanced and detached… in success and failure, in disappointments and joys while living a certain relationship! And while abandoning a challenging one-sided relationship may be an easy way out, it’s not likely to hold us in good stead as a soul. For once again, we may have ignored the lessons that the universe is trying to impart. 

Relationships fail not to cause us pain, but to teach us to remain emotionally stable despite the pain. 

So, that’s what life is. You are never alone in this journey. For the universe (or planets) is with you, in your story. It’s there to pull the triggers that you think is your whole life (actions and reactions); but the intention behind this is… to help you mature. 

For life is not what happens to you, life is… what you consequently become. 

Always remember, you are here to learn and to become a better version of the self.