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What Is The Karma For Keeping Good And Bad Memories

What Is The Karma For Keeping Good And Bad Memories

Keeping good and bad memories have no karmic implications as long as they are mere thoughts. Once they convert into emotions (negative or positive), they take the form of hurt, fear, desire and attachment, which becomes food for the ego. Souls who keep revisiting good and bad memories and emotionally respond to them, feed the ego (in this case – a void within) and this way, they create karma with the self and with those with whom their memories are connected. 

The karmic debt here would be – 

  1. Working on the self, the ego. Ego makes one live too much in the past and not pay attention to the present. 
  2. Dissolving deep rooted fear, pain (in case of sad memories) or attachments (in case of happy memories).
  3. Simplifying complex equations made more difficult by negative thought energy (in case of bad memories). Here there will be future challenges in relationships. 
  4. Learning to live in the present moment. 
  5. Learning to honour life as it unfolds. 
  6. Learning to live with life and people as they are and not as they were.