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What The 9 Planets, Want From You

What The 9 Planets, Want From You

Let’s get straight to the fundaments of each planet’s lesson that is likely to enrich your life with a higher purpose and more soul power. As the more you listen to what each planet seeks out of you, the more you’ll be saved from the effect of their ill placements or their ability to press difficult situations in life that compel one to learn. You must understand here, that no matter how negatively placed a planet in your chart is, should you do the needful to fulfil a planet’s fundamental expectations of you, no harm will be delivered. 

Again, if you have a chart with well-placed planets and you take no cognizance of the most fundamental things that these planets seek out of you, rest assured, the gains from these planets will not mature that easily or will not come that easily your way. Therefore, understand what each planet in your horoscope expects out of you! Also, establish a relationship with these planets, take them as living entities, your teachers, your masters and keep responding to them as per the set expectations and you shall remain protected. Remember, every single planet wants your good and is there to accelerate your soul growth. If you understand their noble intention, you shall never fear them! Plus, you will also realize, how these planets work through different ways only to make you benefit for your onward journey… as a soul. 

Remember, remedies and rituals as well as chanting, praying… are all an outside thing. Can they resolve or dissolve your Karma, which decides the power of your planets? No! 

For it’s you, who creates Karma and only you, who can dissolve it or give a more elevated pattern to it. And Karma is destiny… the actual influencer on your planets. 

So, what always helps… is working in tandem with your planets. Working on the self and constantly improving the way you take life and live life! Especially, on the lines of what the planets seek out of you. 

Here are some simple asks of each of the nine planets, that enable you lead a fulfilling and a rather elevated life – 

1. SUN   

  • Operating through a balanced sense of self esteem 
  • Operating through a balanced sense of self confidence 
  • Respecting the father or fatherly figures
  • Respecting people in authority or governance 
  • Not giving in to pride or arrogance 
  • Refraining from self-doubt and lack of feeling worthy 

2. MOON   

  • Maintaining a balanced state of mind
  • Nourishing the mind with internal peace and calm 
  • Respecting the mother or motherly figures 
  • Feeding the mind with only positive information
  • Thinking less, thinking right  
  • Refraining from going on emotional overdrive 


  • Taking up higher learning or some higher philosophy for greater self-awareness and awakening true God consciousness or understanding God – the source energy 
  • Operating through higher wisdom that inspires elevated thoughts and actions 
  • Following dharma … or a complete sense of righteousness
  • Sharing and giving knowledge or helping others attain knowledge 
  • Respecting gurus, teachers, mentors, pious – spiritual and religious figures
  • For women, understanding the spouse with a higher mind/ awareness 

4. MERCURY    

  • Operating through one’s intelligence or using one’s intelligence 
  • Taking efforts to improve intelligence 
  • Making the most of your ideas and developing ideas
  • Making the most of one’s analytical mind
  • Making the best use of one’s speech and not saying things that  misguide others 
  • Understanding and loving one’s sister 

5. VENUS   

  • Maintaining balanced relationships 
  • Loving without ego 
  • Loving with a sense of compassion, forgiveness and selflessness 
  • Living with a sense of beauty and cleanliness 
  • Respecting the wife or women in general 
  • Enjoying the good things in life, yet, not indulging in excesses 
  • Not misusing liquid wealth or making money the wrong way 

6. SATURN   

  • Being driven by hard work, discipline and order
  • Following the law and never taking short cut to success  
  • Helping the poor, handicapped and needy (Charity) 
  • Respecting servants
  • Operating through a fair consciousness where you see all as equal and not ego consciousness that makes you believe, you are superior.
  • Respecting the old, the aged. 
  • Settling Karma, uncomplainingly 

7. MARS 

  • Channelling one’s aggression in the right direction of work and achievements or even self-improvement 
  • Being action oriented 
  • Remaining physically active and energetic 
  • Respecting the brother or all men in general 
  • Not succumbing to temper/anger 
  • Standing up for the weak or what’s fair and right

8. RAHU 

  • Having a healthy sense of what’s illusion and reality  
  • Not being obsessive about your likes or desires 
  • Not taking to any wrong means for attaining success, or fulfilment of material desires  
  • Settling Karma with patience and understanding as Rahu and Ketu are both Karmic nodes
  • Not being compulsive, rather, operating through maturity and prudence 
  • Sincerely working towards your present life goals but with perseverance 

9. KETU  

  • Maintaining a balance of the material and spiritual 
  • Giving up – ego consciousness 
  • Understanding your true self – the soul 
  • Giving donations to spiritual organizations that impart true spiritual guidance to people
  • Giving up on one’s vices 
  • Making meditation a way of life 

Remember, planets work best when we comply with what they stand for.  And should you be someone who’s been told that any of these planets is inimical in your chart, doing what that particular planet mandates, would serve as the best remedy.