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When To See An Astrologer

When To See An Astrologer

Many of us remain aware of the science of astrology, and still there are some, who know and reject it. Then again, there are those many, who adhere to the dos and don’ts of an astrological guidance and consider it sacrosanct. There’s also a variety that’s so obsessed with the astrological routes and remedies that they will not even sneeze should the time be inauspicious (astrologically, I mean). 

Now, let us understand that astrology is a science and its predictive formulas have proven right since the days of yore. It’s by no means a fluke; as its calculations are based on certain recurring patterns of life that keep repeating from soul to soul… due to certain Karmic realties. But before one invests his or her faith on this age-old science…here’s more important to understand… when and how to experiment with astrology. 

The most common practice is to meet an astrologer when one hits a rough patch in life. Expecting the astrologer to give some relevant clues to the why’s and how’s in one’s mind, a person usually sees an astrologer during hardships in life. It can be a lean patch for any reason… illness, loss of job, financial difficulties or relationship crisis. The need to meet an astrologer usually gets high when one confronts the odds. Then there are times when some crucial decisions need to be taken, could be regarding investments, job change, marriage, relocation etc…. again, this becomes a preferred time to seek astrological guidance so that one is assured of accuracy in action. 

Some people are so compulsive that they will visit an astrologer for anything and everything in life. And then again, there are some… who go by the reputation of an astrologer and seek advice due to someone’s special reference or conviction that a certain astrologer is good. 

Whatever be the reason for you to visit an astrologer, the first thing to remember is – The lesser you take astrological guidance for material and worldly reasons; the better it is for your soul’s growth or should I say, for your life to bloom to its full potential!

I say so because… not knowing what the future holds and embracing the unknown without any preconceived idea of what’s to come, builds soul power, keeps inner strength intact and alleviates a sense of fear.   

Fear of course, being the most negative energy, when there is the slightest hint of the future being negative or somewhat troublesome, the sub conscious tends to thrive on fear and pretty soon, that fear becomes one’s reality. 

Negative happens! 

The most talked about belief today is, that our thoughts and feelings have the power to build destiny. For good or bad, whatever one’s thoughts and feelings… so will be the quality of one’s life. Therefore, on visiting an astrologer, when you come to know that something untoward is going to happen, you will reflect on it time and time again, thus making sure that the predicted event does happen. On the contrary, when you don’t know what’s to come, you’ll be ignorant; yet, your mind space will remain uncluttered and carefree. You won’t imagine things, won’t ponder over what’s to come and that way, there is every chance that your thoughts will not process the event before it eventually takes places. 

But most importantly, what will eventually take place… will also not be as impactful as it would become when your thought energy is pre-aligned with it. Because thoughts have the power to write destiny (adage – man makes his own destiny); and when your thoughts pre-empt something, they give more power to it. And more the power… more will be its impact. 

When you don’t know what’s to come, the thing/event… will most likely… come and go and you won’t be affected as much. When you don’t know what’s to come, you don’t live the event or the difficult time, over and over again. Otherwise, it keeps occurring in your head… and eventually, in your life…thus making the weight of the event be felt, many times more. There is also a possibility, that when you don’t anticipate anything adverse or when you remain oblivious and your thought energy doesn’t run in that direction… you can even avoid it that way. Or you can dilute its potency.  

Then again, when astrologers predict something and it doesn’t happen, especially, if it’s a good event predicted; people tend to think of the astrologer adversely. Two things happen here, one is that a person tends to inadvertently build negativity within as a sense of disappointment takes grip. And second, one tends to build Karma with the astrologer… to whom… one will tend to send a lot of negative energy through thoughts and conversations. The end result is negative… for what was predicted and anticipated… as positive. 

That’s why I say; visit an astrologer not to know about events, success and good or bad times. Visit an astrologer to know what you need to change in yourself in order to make the positive and only the positive manifest in your life.  After all, your life is a response to your energy – thoughts, words and actions (Karma). 

So, why not know who you are, what energy do you carry from past lives and what is it that you need to build within… in order to find everything that makes you happy. 

Remember, no matter how big a promise your planets hold in the chart, unless you are worthy of the same, you will not be blessed or blessed as much. So a little effort taken, not to know about the outer events and people… but to know about one’s own energy through astrology… is actually putting the great science… to best use. 

Astrology is truly the best way to look at yourself not just in this one lifetime but as a soul… over lifetimes. Astrology is your guide to your Karma and your higher purpose; it’s the best tool to know your soul’s path and its obligatory duties in this life.  And Astrology will seldom falter in predicting with accuracy here.

But the bigger thing is…‘you’ should feel the need to know who you are and what is the higher purpose of your life as a soul. For the journey of this soul is eternal and it will continue through lifetimes and what will get repeated… is the soul pattern. Therefore, why not make that pattern beautiful! 

That’s why, the only time you should visit an astrologer is, when you feel the need for self-awareness, when you feel the need to awaken and realize there is something amiss, deep within your soul. Or when you want to be the controller of your life and not the one controlled! 

You will that way… make the best use of astrology… and avoid making it an agent of fear, superstition or some sort of negative anticipation.