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Why Am I Born?

Why Am I Born?

Hasn’t that been the question that’s often popped in your mind? When you’re sitting by yourself, in silence or even when you’re all consumed with life, just clueless about why things are happening, the way they are! But then I’m sure, it’s one question, that’s come and gone; for you seldom have the time or the inclination to delve deeper into the mysteries of life. Yes, there are times, when you may visit an astrologer to know about the more visible aspects of life, yet, nothing more or deeper. 

Isn’t it true that for the longest time, our focus in astrology has always been towards seeking to know what life holds for us or should I say, what could one gain from a life that one is meant to live. And by gain, I mean material gain. Therefore, for a majority, the whole endeavour of human existence revolves around material gains, material joys and material well-being. 

Professional growth apart, the entire focus has always been – financial growth, abundance, family, and to some extent health. Hence, the need for an astrologer! 

Planets are used as a guide to take us comfortably through this journey of the unknown, with challenges and risks that are a part of every life. And planets do tell a lot! They seldom fail… for most times…give valuable insights to what’s right or what’s to come. 

But then, the question is… is this all that planets in astrology can tell? Is this all that we must seek to know? Is this all that why we are born? Or is there something far and beyond our myopic lens that’s precisely why, astrology was given to mankind. 

Let’s get a little incisive here! Let’s spiritually look at ourselves and our journey… after all, we are spirit in this body, what we call energy or the soul! We are here for a brief span, 50, 80, 100 or even 20/30. Who knows how much… life’s always been unpredictable! 

So, we start this life, build relationships, strive for worldly comforts and joys, work towards material success, may be, even do a little good here and there, a little charity and then one day, we leave!  

Really? Is that all – why we’re born? Is it all about this material prism? 

Not quite! 

Depending whether you seek to know reasons beyond material; after all, you may just be very comfortable enjoying, material pursuits and gains!

But for how long? 

One day, it will all have to be left behind! And what you shall take with you are just your deeds – your Karma i.e. – which will then determine the quality of your next life; and your next… and next! Of course, another very important part that remains with you is you! How you are as a person – goes with you. Not, who you are in this world, your name, wealth, relationships and reputation – it’s all left behind! 

So, if you care to look at life and astrology a little more deeply, you’ll figure out… what is the Karma and what is the person like… that you’ve brought from your past life into the present! You’ll know that your entire present existence or must I say – destiny – is based on what you’ve done and how you’ve been in the past. 

You’ll understand that the real reason why you are born… is to resolve this Karma, refine it, pay back with calm and patience, and settle accounts that one has created over lifetimes. Yes, these accounts do manifest through relationships, the people in our life, professional and personal equations and situations but the greater thing to know is – not the people who become an integral of part of our life and emotions, but the Karma that we bring with them and how it defines us.

If you care to look at Astrology, not just superficially but deeply, you’ll see, that your projected life, isn’t just a sum of events and opportunities; it’s more! It’s who you are as a person, as a soul! For as the soul, so will be the quality of its life, so will be the kind of events that will unfold in its life, the opportunities it earns or doesn’t. 

The planets decide your life… basis you past Karma and your tendencies as a soul! They simply deliver, what you deserve. But it’s you, who always remains in control, who always remains the creator of your destiny! Not the planets or God or some other mystical entity! 

The key therefore, is to connect the past with the present! And this is where; you must take the help and guidance of astrology. For once you know the Karma you bring to settle, once you understand yourself through what the planets tell about you; once you understand that it’s these two aspects that are the creator of everything else in your life that actually matters to you, you’ll know, why you’re born!