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Your Diet & Astrology

Your Diet & Astrology

Today, many people are trying to shift consciousness and live out of awareness. Simply because they are willing to be more sensitive towards other living beings that are sharing this planet alongside. 

So, you see vegetarians, vegans (no meat, no dairy, no poultry, just plant based diet) pescatarians (people who eat only fish, no meat), eggetarians (people eating just eggs)…increasing in numbers as more and more people are converting from being out-and-out carnivores to conscious and guilt free eaters. 

Clearly, these are the people who have chosen to live out of a higher consciousness and while; this may just seem a deliberate choice to most of us, the planets do play a part in converting you… in your food choices.

Especially, the more spiritual planets such as Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu! Then there are also those planets that make you quite headstrong about following a certain diet. They could lead you to being herbivores or carnivores in a pretty fixated way. Planets such as Mars and Rahu or even Venus, could make you fancy eating, all kinds of food, could be any kind of diet, but here, indulgence may be the mantra rather than conscious eating. Another planet Moon, can also be the deciding factor in determining whether or not, you have the mental power to switch choices and sacrifice for something better. 

Then you have four important houses in your horoscope, playing a key part in your food choices. The 1st house, 2nd house, 9th house and the 12th house! 

The 1st house is your mind, your head and your personality… it’s the window to knowing you as a person and to understanding, whether or not you have the willingness and the will power to give up on certain choices. It reflects all that what drives you and makes you the person that you are. 

Then the 2nd house is the house that reflects your diet. It’s the original house of your food intake. It’s also the house of your value system. 

The 9th house is not directly connected to your food choices or even your mind in any way. But it’s the house of your Dharma. It’s the house that reflects your highest potential as a soul, and what you consider as the highest; or what you hold highest as wisdom and knowledge. This is directly linked to your choices in life. 

The 12th house again, may have nothing to do with your food choices but it has everything to do with what you are willing to give up. It’s the house of what you’re willing to sacrifice and give away for your spiritual growth. 

Now, let’s consider placements in your horoscope that can influence food choices in a certain way. Remember, that any negative influence of a malefic on these placements through aspect or conjunction can change things here! So, what’s mentioned below are insights into individual placements of planets sans any influence – 

  1. Jupiter in the 1st house – Depending on what sign Jupiter is a pure and benign planet, it will give you elevated thinking and make you operate out of wisdom. Its purity is bound to influence your persona and incline you towards a guilt free diet. 
  2. Jupiter in the 2nd house – Again, the qualities of Jupiter would influence your food intake. Even though Jupiter here it may give you a good appetite, it may still guide you towards being more of a vegetarian or a vegan!  Jupiter here will also give you higher values in life, which will help understand the dos and don’ts of a lifestyle better. 
  3. Jupiter in the 9th house – You’d be someone wanting to live through righteousness or higher morals and ideals in life. Jupiter here gives you the capacity to stick to your dharma (a fair and elevated wisdom), which may influence all aspects of life, including food choices. 
  4. Jupiter in the 12th house – This is the house of spirituality and Jupiter is the planet of dharma and wisdom. Jupiter is also the original ruler of the 12th house and so; here…it brings love for wisdom, spirituality and meditation. Here a person’s spiritual beliefs can help in giving up what’s unfair and ego driven in his or her lifestyle. 
  5. Saturn in the 1st house – Here Saturn in a way, becomes the controller of your entire life and it particularly influences your head or your thinking ability. Since Saturn is the planet of fear, it will invariably guide your personality to following and delivering what’s right. Say, even if you feel tempted to make the tricky choices, Saturn here, will not let you as it will create so much fear within you that you’ll refrain from doing anything unfair or unlawful. Perhaps, your food choices may get deeply in sync with your personality and you could easily opt for violence free meals on your plate. 
  6. Saturn in the 2nd house – This most definitely is one of the key reasons why certain people don’t eat meat. For Saturn being our teacher and the planet of Karma and justice… in the 2nd house… it mandates a violence free diet! It’s also the planet of restrictions and limitations and so here, Saturn could limit your food choices. If you have Saturn in the 2nd house and you feel the urge to switch to vegetarianism, it’s probably a great move to invoke the blessings of this planet. 
  7. Saturn in the 9th house – When the planet of karma, law and justice, comes into the house of dharma, it will compel a person to follow what’s right, what’s fair and what’s elevated. It will make a person choose through a higher belief system. 
  8. Ketu in the 1st house – Planet of spirituality and detachment, of giving up things in life… Ketu in the 1st house can drive you to become awakened or enlightened. Should you comply, the planet goes in your favour; otherwise, Ketu being a malefic can cause ups and downs. Here, a person could operate out of the traits of Ketu and so, giving up on excesses or worldly pleasures, isn’t as tough. Food choices included! 
  9. Ketu in the 2nd house – Ketu has the tendency to dry up the joys of the house that it’s sitting in. 2nd house being the house of your food intake, Ketu can inspire you to give up on sensory pleasures that come through foods and drinks.  Here, Ketu will also influence your value system and being the planet of detachment and spirituality… you may value a lifestyle that’s pure and spiritual. 
  10. Ketu in the 12th house – Considered a spiritual placement for any horoscope, as both Ketu and the 12th house, indicate spirituality… Ketu here is at its best! And since it’s the planet of detachment, of giving up, you could give up habits and choices that come in the way of your spiritual beliefs.  
  11. Mars in the 2nd house – People with this placement may have a big appetite, and even though they are more likely to be meat eaters, should they still be a vegetarian, (depending on the sign Mars is placed in), even then, they’ll be driven towards eating a fair bit. 
  12. Mars in the 12th house – Mars in the 12th house makes for a Manglik Yoga, and these people can be a little hot headed. Since diet does influence one’s mind, eating vegetarian food may just have a calming influence on such people. Plus, Mars in the 12th house of spirituality and meditation can make these people excel in these fields. It may be easy for them to switch to a purer diet… should they be into any kind of spiritual practice. 
  13. Rahu in the 1st house –Rahu here can definitely influence the personality of a person and therefore, the food choices. Depending on what sign Rahu is placed in, one finds more people with this placement, inclined towards a carnivore’s diet and people who may even like experimenting with new and unorthodox eating and drinking patters.  
  14. Rahu in the 2nd house – More or less similar to the 1st house placement, here Rahu will definitely make one a hardcore meat eater, especially, when Rahu is debilitated or placed in the sign of malefic planets or even planets like Venus. Trying new and exotic food fads or even the gourmet stuff is something these people will relish. 
  15. Venus in the 2nd house – These people love to experiment with food. They may also love the gourmet stuff. But should Venus be debilitated here or in the sign of malefics, it can give more inclination towards non-vegetarianism. 
  16. Moola Nakshatra – If this one Nakshatra dominates your chart, as in, most of your planets are sitting in Moola or your ascendant is in Moola, then, I’ve either found such people switching to a pure Saatvic diet at some point in their lives or they would at least make the switch from being a carnivore to a herbivore. And such a switch is important for people with Moola Nakshatra placements.