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A nonfiction book that goes beyond the cliches of conventional spirituality and redefines the subject in a way that makes it understandable like never before.

Available on Amazon & Flipkart!

About the book –

The subject of spirituality has become an elusive one. And with so many paths, ideologies, beliefs, masters and gurus, where each is convinced of their superiority, it has become impossible to know what amounts to true spirituality. Living Spirituality has been written to remove this veil of confusion and distortion that shrouds spirituality and put the control back into your hands. The book offers an insightful and rational understanding of the subject with an aim to clarify and illuminate the truly spiritual life. Not only that, but the book also addresses various queries and tribulations that one is bound to confront when on a spiritual journey.
Living Spirituality has been written to make spirituality accessible to all and to direct people towards the true essence of the subject.

Pages: 200
Genre: Self Help/Spirituality
Format: Paperback and Kindle